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Renewal. Bold. Sexy. EMBOSS® watches. An individual expression of lifestyle.

EMBOSS watches are known for their astonishing appearance, and for their unique expression of modern & urban lifestyle.



EMBOSS, the luxury watch brand was established in 2003.

The brand is distributed in Europe by the company LNQ BvbA / Embosstime Europe

Located in the City of diamonds and fashion- Antwerp, Belgium.

Despite relatively a "young" brand in terms of watch brands, EMBOSS has achieved great success due to its innovation and daring, a feature that breaks the conservative line of the watches industry.

Since his early years in 2003, EMBOSS collection was characterized as innovative and stylish, combines advanced product engineering components and high standards.

In 2006, EMBOSS launched the SCUBA MASTER collection, driving up its positioning and the brand's sales overnight to become one of the leading watch brands in the field.

This model has gained international recognition at the prestigious JA New York show on innovative design, and crowned as “The next HOT thing”

In 2007 the company launched the diamonds watch collection BLACK DIAMONDS, an exclusive collection that constitutes a statement for its female clientele, with a twist to the modern man.

In 2009 the company started collaborating with RONDA Swiss manufacturer, this collaboration led to the line of prestigious Swiss made watches. Whose "flagship" technology and design is the YACHT SKIPPER .This move puts the brand in line with the few watch companies that meet strict control and quality standards of the Swiss watch-making.

At “Basel World Show 2012” EMBOSS launched the ATLANTIC and URBAN collections, which are characterized by the complexity of the engineering and technology combined with innovative fashion statement.

Year 2013 is the “Time to Save the Planet” environmental statement and limited edition unique collection. Which 5% of the profits are donated to animal rights.

Year 2014, "EMBOSS On Demand" a private collection that can be customized and made to fit anyone's design. The complexity gives you a chance to build your own design, starting from the color and shape of the watch to the color of the hands, while using a unique verity of materials to match your taste and budget. There is even room left for your own dedication on the back.

At your service:

To strengthen the personal relationship with our clients, and enhance the shopping and service experience, our company have several flagship stores, providing exclusive services such as- extended warranty, upgrading your old watch with a new one, customizing your watch design, in addition to a wide range of unique models.

These high standards are applied in Israel by "Bar-Noy Brothers Ltd.", placing Lab services and professional repairs for EMBOSS watches, managed by qualified and experienced watchmakers at your service.

We are doing as much as possible to provide our loyal customers the ultimate service experience! Thank you for choosing us!